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We are excited to inform you that UTICamp-2020 will take place on July 20—26, 2020 at the same conference venue - Meteorite campsite!

It will be UTICamp's 5th anniversary, so be ready for something really great!

You have the unique opportunity to register for the event now at the super early bird price of just 125 euros for a whole week of presentations, workshops, interactive games, networking, and creative activities.

We have begun accepting applications from UTICamp-2020 speakers!

Come and speak about your experience and share your knowledge, present your best practices and know-how, or simply talk with colleagues about topics of interest. We are accepting applications in the following sections:

1)      Art of translation (content creation, marketing, translation as such, editing)

2)      Interpretation (specifics of an interpreter’s work)

3)      Translation business (company, automation and sales management)

4)      Translation technologies and localization (translation automation innovations, order management systems, and technology)

At UTICamp-2020, you can also give a master class or training course in the whichever section you prefer. Leave a comment in the form so that we can jointly decide on the best format for your presentation.

Do not miss your chance to speak at a unique event!

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