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Viktoriya Telyashenko

Freelance Translator

Viktoriya has been a translator from and into English for more than 10 years. She works with LSPs and direct clients, specializing mostly in medicine and pharmacy. 2009 became a significant cutoff point in Viktoriya’s life: she gave birth to her second child, moved to a new flat with her family, and threw herself into translation freelance. And all of these in the setting of a world crisis! These 10 years have taught her a lot. Yet the most important is how to combine conscious motherhood and successful freelance.

Motherhood & Freelance: Get It All Done

By some quirk of fate start of my freelance activity and birth of my son happened almost at the same time. Crisis of 2009 appeared suddenly and at the wrong time for our family: moving house, flat renovation in progress, our daughter starts school, and our son is just a few months old... It is the translations that became my salvation and a way of escaping. These 10 years taught me to juggle the roles of a mother and a translator. And it seems to me I manage the tasks in both fields well. My earnings are enough to cover the basic expenses of our household. At the same time, I keep the house and take care of our children.

I am absolutely sure that it is possible to combine responsible motherhood and successful translation activity. Moreover, I think that it is freelance that provides us with an opportunity to watch our kids grow, pay attention to their development and education. And all of these without giving up your profession!