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Jeanette Brickner

Technical and marketing translator, editor, and copywriter

Jeanette Brickner is a German to English technical and marketing translator, editor, and copywriter. Having lived in six countries and travelled in far more than that, she’s now accumulated years of experience with mobile translation and language services from around the globe. Months of of lugging the mobile office around, whether it’s just to a café down the street in Bucharest or overlanding a different continent entirely, has given her deep insight on the practical aspects of where the mobile translator’s priorities should lie.

The Traveling Translator’s Toolkit

It’s 2020, and if you’re interested in this talk, then you’re already looking at a conference and have probably at least wondered about what it takes to be working as a “translator on the road”. Navigating the ever-changing tides of state-of-the-art mobile technology can be a challenge, and there are also even more complicated issues that get forgotten in the planning stages such as device insurance, what sort of accessories might come in handy, knowing what you’re looking for when it comes to internet options once you arrive in a new country, and even the wheels (or lack thereof) on your luggage. 

In this presentation, we’ll take a deep dive and look at figuring out exactly what it takes to be a fully mobile translator in 2020. Whether you’re thinking about just a few days away from a static office or a few months completely on your own, we’ll look at the big picture from all angles and demonstrate tried-and-true solutions.