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Stanislav Kalenyuk - UTICamp-2020

Stanislav Kalenyuk

Stanislav Kalenyuk — chief executive officer of InText Translation Company, creator of UTIC. Stanislav is responsible for strategic planning and performs a comprehensive expert review of all UTIC events.

Stanislav Bogdanov - UTICamp-2020

Stanislav Bogdanov

Stanislav Bogdanov — chief operations officer for UTIC and deputy director at InText. He is in charge of the planning and organization of the conference and deals with UTIC sponsors, exhibitors, and partners.

Iryna Vizir - UTICamp-2020

Iryna Vizir

Iryna Vizir — InText marketing and PR deputy manager. As a member of the UTIC team, she is responsible for the work of the programme committee and the development of interesting content, as well as preparing the conference agenda, and hosting webinars.

Alyona Vlasenko - UTICamp-2020

Alyona Vlasenko

Alyona Vlasenko — InText and UTIC PR manager. Alyona’s responsibilities include managing the practical aspects of planning and running the conference. She also produces content and organizes webinars. 


Anna Braslavskaya - UTICamp-2020

Anna Braslavskaya
+38 (067) 634-65-91 (Viber, Telegram)

Anna Braslavskaya is a UTICamp coordinator. Anna’s responsibilities include processing conference application forms and the registration process. She also helps manage accommodation and transfers for UTICamp-2019 delegates.

Oleksandra Khorsun - UTICamp-2020

Oleksandra Khorsun

Oleksandra Khorsun is a UTICamp conference coordinator. She is responsible for organizing the children’s programme, as well as interesting leisure activities for the conference participants and guests.